Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hannah turns 12!

How fitting that this is my first blog. Hannah Marie turns 12 tomorrow, we can't believe it! Last night I went shopping with Anna to pick out some neato presents for her.

Our first stop was target, where I got her WAY too much stuff. I just love shopping for the kids and getting them stuff, but I don't want to go overboard and spoil.

I got her a few things for her bedroom. A really cool lamp that matches her bedding, a soft fuzzy blanket for cuddling up with a book. I also got her a PINK hairdryer and a new straightener for our house (since the one she used to have at our place is always at her moms, and her mom is to broke to even buy her a $20 hair straightener. But thats another story, and I won't go there!)

Then we went to the mall and got her some stuff from Aeropostale, because apparently, thats where all the 'cool' middle-schoolers shop. I got her some jean capris, a jean skirt with black leggings, and some tops. I hope she likes it all!

Emma Rose is just a hoot lately. She is walking like crazy, and TALKING. She learns so much from Claire and Tessa, her 22-month-old cousins. She is saying things like "get me, get me", and is starting to say 2-3 work phrases like, "hi mama", "no no dada", and other stuff like that. It't just so cute. She is also starting to get to the point where she is very affectionate. She always wants to give hugs and kisses to Matt, Hannah and I, and she likes to snuggle. I love her.

In the spirit of Hannah's birthday, here are a few pictures from Hannah a few years ago, and now, and also one of Emma, just because she is cute :)

What a cutie pie!
Hannah at 7

Now she's just too cool :)
Hannah at 11

Sweet angel
Emma at 1