Friday, October 30, 2009

"Parenting" a 12-year-old at 26.

Sometimes it's strange to be a 'parent' to a 12 year old.  Especially when you are only 26.  I was 14 when Hannah was born.  FOURTEEN.  Thats nothing.  I was right out of 8th grade when Matt was welcoming his first born into the world.  My biggest worries were if my mom would start letting me wear makeup in High School, and when Mariah Carey would come out with her next album.

My brother Jake and I are 11 years apart.  Which is only 3 years different from the age difference between Hannah and I.   Technically Hannah could be my sister.  And if she was my sister, I could act more like I act when I'm around my siblings with her, but I can't because she is not my sister - she is my step-child - and apparently its not acceptable to punch your children when they are acting like idiots. (which I so do with my brother).

So, needless to say, being a parent-figure to a 12 year old is sometimes very difficult for me.  I love Hannah like she is my own child, but technically she couldn't even be my own child, so I think my brain is having a hard time distinguishing the difference between her and my 15 year old brother. :)

For example:  Since becoming a mother, I've developed a new habit:  Cleaning.  I guess its a good idea to maintain a sanitary and tidy environment for your children to avoid germs, tripping hazards, and laziness.  Well, this new habit has been a long time in the running.  I was the girl who used to let my dog lick off my plates and sleep in my bed.  I only did laundry if absolutely necessary and thought it perfectly acceptable to throw all colors of clothing in the same load.  Who cares if they were ruined? Perfect excuse to go shopping, right?  So, back to the story.  Every single day, while I'm 'enjoying' my cleaning, it seems that I find nasty, smelly, sweaty, balled-up, pink-toed socks on the living room floor.   SERIOUSLY.  I'm not even exaggerating.  And time after time I have requested that the socks be picked up, and they eventually are.  But they always end up back in the same spot the next day.  It's seriously enough to make me go mad.  I'm not even kidding.  And these are the times that I have to try my hardest to remember, that Hannah, who is only 3 years younger than my brother, is not my sibling, and its not ok to go right over to her and punch her in the arm as hard as I possible can and yell, "GOD DAMMIT PICK UP THOSE NASTY SOCKS".

Haha...It sounds really funny right now, but its not.  And its hard.  And I'm doing my best. Hannah is such a sweet, smart, caring and all around great kid.  I hope I don't mess her up too much.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Terrific Tuesday :)

It's Tuesday.  A terrific Tuesday actually.  Matt and I had a really great conversation about certain things that are definitely going to change our lives.  And I can't wait.  I also can't tell...but you will find out.  Hopefully sooner than later.

Emma was the funniest little thing last night.  Matt said that when he picked her up from his mom's.  She was running around the house, screaming "running, running, running."  Our little ball of energy and spunk.  When Matt brought her home, she was the same way.  Crazy, funny, and smiley.  It's hard to believe that she was our colicky, crying, baby. 

I'm so glad all of that is over.  I love Miss Emma Rose so much, and its hard to believe that she is the same baby that would cry for hours on end, that I would have to rock/bounce to sleep every day, that would only accept being put down if it was in her swing, and that was just sometimes.  Poor sweet girl. 

She is now a full blown toddler.  Mastering more and more phrases each day.  When we 'read' books, I will ask her where the tree, or the flower, or the moon is, and she will reply "right there".  She also asks questions such as, "Where dadya go?" or "Scoutie, I dunno?".  She is becoming very particular with what she likes to wear.  Most days we must have "tiiiights", and "bows" (for her hair), and she is choosy about what shoes she wears, as well as her coat.  She is independent, which is great, most of the time.  And she knows what she likes. Which I admire...most of the time.  The only problem is when her independence and preferences go against what Momma or Dadya know whats best. :)

Being a mom is the best.  I love it. I can't wait for more :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Our life in PICTURES...

Monday Musings.

So its Monday.  Yes, it is Monday again.  I wish it was Friday, but I guess I shouldn't be wishing away 5/7th's of my life.  I'm so excited for Halloween with the kids this weekend.  Hannah and Emma each have the CUTEST costumes.


and Hannah is ROSALIE from TWILIGHT:

This year we are going on the annual Halloween Parade through Matt's sisters neighborhood.  It is the best place to go trick or treating.  Middle-class neighborhood with LOTS and LOTS of kids! Our crew is usually quite the group.  This year its our family (Matt and I, Emma the monster and Hannah the vampiress), Matt's mom, brother in law and 4 kids (Grace - Hannah Montana, Quinn - "Dude", Claire and Tessa - Ladybugs), my mom,my aunt and her 2 kids (Nate - still uncertain at this point, and Caleb - "Rock Star").  It should be a good time, and I can't wait for Hannah's 'haul'.  (There's a reason to put the candy on top of the fridge and only allow 2 pieces/day - and the reason is MOM AND DAD's enjoyment of the holiday as well. Matt and I like to pick all of the good stuff out first!)

Speaking of candy.  I seriously need to lay off.  Fat is not hot, and I'm getting there.  My 'fat pants' are even getting too tight.  I don't know if my body is trying to 'store up for winter', or I'm just that big of a pig, but I seriously CAN'T STOP EATING. 

Wait...maybe my pants are shrinking and my scale is a LIAR!!!!!! 

I'm going to blame the media on this one.  Seriously.  Is it really necessary to have 3 Culver's commercials per every episode of  "enter favorite show here".  Shouldn't they know that American's are weak, and advertisements like this are going to make more and more of us end up so fat that we can't even get out of our beds...seriously.  I need to stop, or this could be me.  I need to exercise.  And I need to start eating healthy. ( and I hate exercise, and I hate eating healthy). 

Wow.  Halloween, could not come at a WORSE time this year.  Wonderful. :)