Monday, October 25, 2010

For Hannah Marie

Dear Hannah,

As a 27-year-old woman, I finally feel like I am beginning to know myself. There have been many, many joys and harships in life and these experiences are what have allowed me to finally accept and celebrate my assets and flaws, talents, struggles, strengths and weaknesses. 

As a step-mother to you, a 13-year-old girl,  I wish I could take this message and infuse it in your brain: JUST BE YOU. BE YOURSELF. YOU ARE WONDERFUL. YOU WILL STAND OUT.  I PROMISE!

I want you to know that the most beautiful women, are the most confident. But not falsely confident.  Not over the top.  Not vain.  Just confident.  The women that I appreciate most in life, are not neccesarily the ones with the perfect waistline, or the best dye-job, but instead those who laugh, loudly.  And sing at the top of their lungs.  Those who freely compliment others, genuinely.  The women who truly see the beauty in others and believe in the strength that is themselves.

I wish I knew how to help you get past all of the daily struggles that come with being 13.  I wish you knew that the only reason any one says anything nasty about someone else is because they have confidence issues themselves.  I wish there was a way to let you know that what seems important at 13, will not be important in the long run.  Let the cruel words of others roll off your back girl, because thats all they are, words.

Hannah, please don't give away your power. Don't let someone take something from you that you don't want to give, don't let someone make you feel some way that you don't want to feel, don't let someone push you to do something you don't want to do. We all have a power within us that tells our heart and soul what is right for each of us...don't give this power away.  Ever.

Hannah, I want you to know that as long as you are smiling you are beautiful. Clothes, make-up, hair do's don't make the girl. Smiles do!  You have no idea how fabulous you are. But you are. You are fabulous. And when you are true to yourself, you will grow. No, you will soar.

I love you girlie.



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